Success, whether in sport or business, takes a concerted effort, a well-honed vision, and, above all else, an unfailing commitment to excellence. Team Millar is proud to offer a variety of customized training, sales, and sponsorship opportunities designed to achieve exactly that.

The Millar Philosophy

From world-class professionals—Richard Spooner, Mario Deslauriers, Jeff Campf, Jill Henselwood, Lisa Carlsen, Lauren Hunkin, Paul Halpern. To dedicated amateur riders—Karen Sparks, Karina Aziz, Jordan MacPherson. The Millar Brooke program has proven time and again to be a recipe for success.

Combining established training techniques with natural horsemanship practices, our holistic approach to show jumping focuses on the individual horse and rider with one goal in mind: the pursuit of excellence.

Full-service training programs and weekend workshops are available.

We believe happy, healthy horses make the best competitors

Courses are more technical than they were 40 years ago. The poles are lighter. The time allowed, increasingly tighter. It follows, that horse management must keep pace with those escalating demands.

Millar Brooke Farm works with a handpicked team of leading health care professionals to offer cutting-edge care to our equine athletes. Horses under our care receive regular veterinary inspections, custom diet plans formulated by an established equine nutritionist, as well as regular chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture treatments.

In addition, Millar Brooke offers advanced physiotherapy tools in-house. Our highly trained staff is well versed in hot and cold lasers, Centurion electromagnetic blankets, ultrasound, and ice therapy. The Farm is equipped with a covered, six-horse, European walker and equine treadmill to facilitate optimal conditioning.

Team Millar is currently accepting jumpers and jumper prospects.

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